Teaching Resource on Huxi Campus

Teaching Building I
Teaching building I, major teaching building on  Huxi campus, whose floor space is about 35,000 square meters, possesses 95 multi-media classrooms and 60 regular classrooms.

Art Building
With floor space of 16,000 square meters, art building is divided into three parts-- A, B and C. Composed of  6 dance rooms, 12 photographic studio, 4 vocal classrooms, and 33 piano rooms,  part   A and B are for classrooms for Arts school. And part C is  for public use classrooms .

Laboratory Building I
With floor space of 23,000 square meters, laboratory building I is composed of laboratories for School of Physics, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Communication Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Software Engineering, Innovation Lab Center for College Student, administrative office of School of Physics and teachers’ office.

Laboratory Building II
With floor space of 25,000 square meters, laboratory building II owns mechanics laboratories of School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering, anatomy laboratories of School of Bioengineering, School of Physical Education and chemical laboratories of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Building for Student Activity Center
With floor space of 20,000 square meters, the building possesses dining hall for students at the first and second floor, and cafeteria for teachers at eastern part of the second floor. Student activity center, lying on the third floor, is composed of 1 lecture hall, 1 multi-function hall, 1 rehearsal studio and offices of student club. Archives of Huxi campus and office of national student loans are settled at the third floor temporarily.

Building for Engineering Teaching Center
With floor space of 70,000,000 square meters, engineering teaching center, a comprehensive  training base, is used for engineering training

Multi-functional Building
With floor space of 20,000 square meters, party work and administration offices and institutions as party work committee of Huxi campus, management committee of Huxi campus, teaching service center of Huxi campus, offices of teaching affairs of schools, are established in the multi-functional building. Moreover, the building includes 51 multi-media classrooms and 5 regular classrooms.

Chemical laboratory

Physical laboratory


                 (photographers: Feng Mei, Wu Jingcheng, Cao Dan)

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