Huxi Campus of Chongqing University is situated in the University Town of Chongqing western suburb. It is about 20 km away from Campus A in Shapingba Main Street, Shapingba District, taking 30 minutes by car. The campus in shallow hilly landform boasts a wide view over the scenery, with the National Gele Mountain Forest Park to the east and the National Jinyun Mountain Forest Park to the west. In addition, the Huxi stream meanders along its southwest boundary.

Huxi Campus covers an area of 244.67 hectares, among which 175.2 hectares is used for education and the other 69.47 hectares for faculty accommodation and university development. The construction project of this campus began at the end of 2004 under the principle of integrated planning and phased implementation. The proposed buildings cover an area of 1,550,000 m2, accommodating 30,000 students. Up to now, 600,000 m2 buildings have been completed and more than 17,000 students accommodated.

At present, 6 schools, i.e. School of Foreign Languages, School of Arts, School of Literature and Journalism, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Physics and School of Software Engineering, have moved to Huxi Campus, and Huxi Campus mainly bear the mission of education for freshmen and sophomores.

Huxi Campus is a charming place covered by luxuriant vegetation and dotted with woods and lakes. With various advanced and sophisticated facilities for education, research, living, sports and academic exchanges, in addition to well-ordered educational management and favorable learning atmosphere, Huxi Campus is naturally an ideal place for study and research.


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